The Severin Bookshelf was featured in Design Sponge in July 2012!

“If you can say the name of this bookshelf without it immediately calling to mind Head of Slytherin House and Defense Against the Dark Arts professor Severus Snape, you are a better person than I. My life doesn’t normally revolve around Harry Potter references (though it does revolve around Arrested Development lines!), but this name is too good to ignore. Ok, back to the furniture. This beautiful bookshelf was designed by Paris-based designer Alex de Rouvray. This freestanding unit is compact and can easily hold a wide range of media while doubling as a room divider, if necessary. Made from powder-coated steel and American walnut veneer, the Severin Bookshelf is part of Alex’s broader Severin Line, launched earlier in 2012. All the pieces share cantilevered structures and minimalist forms, so if this is up your alley, you can check out the full series online right here. Thanks, Alex! xo, grace”


The Severin Line & Vaneau Line were featured in the prestigious french interior design magazine “Côté Maison” in December 2014. Amongst them, the Vaneau Enfilade, the Severin Oval Table and the Vaneau Wall-mounted Shelf:


The Severin Bookshelf was featured in the French interior design magazine Marie-Claire Maison in May-June 2013.

On page 38: “The Severin Bookshelf, which recalls the style of Le Corbusier, designed by Alex de Rouvray, is part of a line of 18 furniture items with an elegant and understated esthetic.”


The Severin Line was slected by HOUSE & GARDEN as part of their “Inspirational Interiors” in October 2012:

“Alex de Rouvray Design: an exclusive collection of modernist furniture designed in France and made in Europe from the finest materials: oak, walnut, leather, steel and glass. Bold lines, high end finishes, ultimate comfort: the Severin Line features lounge chairs, bookshelves, coffee tables and more, all in the same disctinctive style.”


Alex de Rouvray was interviewed by HOUZZ in September 2015: “A designer in search of perfection.” Houzz journalist Sylvain Reignault conducted an interview of the designer of the Severin Bookshelf and the Severin Coffee Table, amongst other creations. The interview was published under the title: Alex de Rouvray: a designer in search of perfection”.


The Severin Bookshelf was selected in May 2015 by the French lifestyle magazine Stylist for their monthly “Style List”: a selection of fashionable products that they recommend to their readers.  “CASES DÉPART. Ça envoie du bois!” (a pun referring to the geometric wooden boxes that make up the bookshelf)


The Severin Bookshelf was featured in French interior design magazine IDEAT in July-August 2013.

On page 68: “This bookshelf/shelf/CD storage is part of a line of 18 items of furniture that possess a minimal, elegant and timeless design. The rich contrast between the walnut and the satin finish steel […], designed by the talented Alex de Rouvray.”


La Chaise Longue Vaneau a été sélectionnée par le magazine d’architecture HARMONIES pour sa rubrique “Design en vrac” en décembre 2016:

“La chaise longue Vaneau, signée Alexandre de Rouvray, offre un confort parfait: jambes surélevées, cou maintenu par l’appuie-tête moelleux et bas du dos légèrement cambré par le coussin lombaire. La coque est plaquée de chêne véritable et fixée sur deux piètements en acier soudé et poli à la main. Les coussins en cuir de vachette pleine fleur glissent le long du dossier pour s’adapter à toute morphologie.”


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